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RE Burger began in a pint-sized food truck in Dunedin. Our head-honcho, inspired by the London street food scene, came home to dunners and started bangin’ out sweet burgs and tunes for the masses.

It got a little out of control, the people wanted more but that tiny food truck could only hustle so hard. So we levelled-up with our first legit restaurant, next door to Dunedin’s iconic Captain Cook Hotel.

The good people of NZ heard of the legendary burger-ness, craving it from afar. We listened and UPsized our gig, setting up camp from North to South (and in between) to serve happiness by the handful across the nation.

Our vibe is still like the food truck days…fat sounds and boss burgs! We’ve searched high and low for local good-buggers to supply fresh our daily milk buns, 100% pure beef patties, and quality bird for our famous Southern Fried Chicken. Plenty love goes into each and every burger, and the secret sauce that ends up all over your face took years to refine and master. True story.

And whilst our roots are in Dunners, where the streets are now named after our burgers 😉 we will always keep it real. Crave-worthy street food, freshly made.

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